Global Work Party on 10.10.10! (Everyone’s Invited)

On Sunday October 10th 2010 (10.10.10) is hosting a Global Work Party. People will be getting together in cities all across the world to collaborate on work-party projects to develop innovate ways to positively impact climate change. Other than a fantastic way to spend a Sunday, Global Work Party will surely serve as a great way to connect with community members and help inspire new ideas towards becoming sustainable.

A 10.10.10 event that I am involved with is Portland, Oregon’s “Great Garden Giveaway” (I designed the poster above :)). Continue reading

Collecting Spring Water at Stowe, Vermont

Getting your own water is fun! (I think it’s pretty cool too)

If I have the opportunity, I always try to get spring water direct from the source. When gathering my own water, I use large glass bottles (6 Gallon Carboys) to ensure there’s no sort of plastic related chemicals leaching into the water. In this post, you’ll find some facts about water and recommendations for water usage. I am not a scientist or a water expert. I am just an enthusiast of delicious water!

Water is vital for life. The average human’s blood is more than 80% water. While local municipalities do a fine job disinfecting and recycling waste water, tap water often contains chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, heavy metals, other substances that are not intended for consumption. Continue reading