Keeping to the Essentials-A Review of Lululemon’s Yoga Shorts

In lue of an upcoming move to much warmer climate, I have been reducing the amount of my clothes that I own (among other possessions).

Keeping a small inventory of clothes is essential for both short and long term travel. One obvious benefit of having few clothes is the simple fact that the less you have to wear, the less you have to wash. A small chocolate stain on your favorite t-shirt is a great conversation starter and a fun reminder for you to eat more chocolate! (raw and organic of course).
The clothes that have stood the test of to keep or to donate, are all clothes that I love and wear often. When I traveled Thailand this past January I had three shirts and I wore one of them more than 80% of the time (I was abroad for 34 days). With this rant on clothing, I want to talk about some new yoga apparel that I recently introduced into my possession and intend on using often (washing when needed-clean clothes do make a nice first impression). Read on for a review of some great new yoga shorts by Lululemon Athletica.
A Review of the “Response Short” by Lululemon Athletica
  • I recently acquired a pair of Lululemon Athletica “Response Short” yoga shorts. Being that I spend anywhere between 10-25 hours a week in the yoga studio, I have become pretty picky about my practice attire. If had to use few words to describe my overall impression of these shorts thus far…these shorts are great.
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Have you got too much stuff?

When thinking about the trip that I’m planning for the end of this month (never driven cross-country), I am faced with the dilemma that plagues any would be road tripper-What do I do with all my stuff?
Since incorporating yoga and some its’ values into my life, I have come across the principal of non-attachment on several occasions (one of the Sutras of Patanjali). When thinking of non-attachment, one can apply this ideology towards relationships, diet, and…stuff!
Material possessions can burden an individual just as much as anything immaterial. Old clothes, antiques, furniture, sporting equipment, and plenty of other stuff can hold onto feelings that are no longer a part of your life. When I started to eat primarily raw foods, I donated all the cooked food stuff I had. This was a great way for me not to constantly be temped to eat the stuff I decided I no longer wanted to consume. Stuff holds associations to the type of person you were when you decided to bring that stuff into your life (this can be good or bad depending on your perspective).
While deciding what stuff to get rid of, there are two common excuses that run through people’s head:
  • Just In Case-The “just in case excuse“, also known as I “you never know when you might need this” is the most common of all. Tattered t-shirts, worn out shoes, old newspapers…are all possessions that fall victim of this “someday” scenario. Continue reading