Andrea Hope-Close Your Eyes

I am very grateful to have become friends with a wonderful poet, activist, and artist by the name of Andrea Hope. Andrea lives, works, and performs in Portland, Oregon. Her art is inspired by her desires to increase social justice and help build sustainable communities. My words about Andrea do little justice to give you an understanding about her poetic talent. Please watch and enjoy the short video Andrea and I created in November 2011 of her poem ¨Close Your Eyes¨. You can learn more about Andrea and her performance schedule on her website and Facebook page. Cheers -George

Links from this article:
Andrea Hope´s Website
Andrea Hope´s Facebook Page
Andrea Hope´s ¨Close Your Eyes¨ Video
Andrea Hope´s YouTube Page

Collecting Spring Water at Ripton, Vermont

I recently collected some delicious spring water in beautiful Ripton, Vermont. It’s always nice to switch up your spring water source if you get a chance. Every spring has a unique flavor and it’s own special qualities. Springs have varied mineral content, so what one spring may be lacking another spring may have in abundance.

In the attached video, I again tested for the spring’s temperature and pH. The temperature of the Ripton, Vermont Luck Number 7 spring was around 44 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH around 5.5. Continue reading