My Hand Balancing Practice

As I’m preparing for Steve Atlas’s Body Practice Immersion Weekend, I created a short clip of my current hand balancing practice to serve as a point of reference for future development.

The handstand practice video shows my static handstand ability. I’m working on improving the alignment of my shoulders, hands, and hips as well as increasing stamina.

I find that video gives the most honest insight on one’s physical performance and abilities. In the attached video, I inserted the date of recording into the lower right corner of the screen to help chronicle my practice. Even though I uploaded the video to YouTube the same day that I recorded the handstand, a date graphic in the actual video serves as a quick and easy reference point for viewers who watch the video embedded in various social media platforms that do not share YouTube’s meta data (i.e. watching the video in the Facebook news feed or in the Twitter side bar).

I highly recommend that you check out The Body Practice website and YouTube channel to learn more about the incredible work of Steve Atlas (think yoga mixed with martial arts, gymnastics, circus, and strength training). Namasté -George

[Note-I will have an follow-up to this post after the Body Practice Immersion Weekend. For anyone interested in attending, the Immersion is happening December 2-3rd 2011 in Spokane, Washington. More details about the workshop can be found on the Facebook Event Page]

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