Volunteering with Street Yoga

For those of you who may not know, I love to volunteer. Volunteering has proven to be an amazing way to meet new people, participate in amazing events, and get involved in positive causes. One of my more recent volunteering adventures has been with Street Yoga.

Street Yoga is a non-profit yoga foundation with a mission to spread Yoga to at risk-youth. With a chapter established here in Portland, Oregon, I’ve been fortunate to link up with Street Yoga on several occasions. Most recently, Street Yoga hosted a pot-luck style picnic infused with a bit of acro-yoga and music. The picnic was the first of many that will be happening this summer in the aim to spread awareness about Street Yoga. Enjoy the short I put together from the event and look out for Street Yoga chapters in an area near you. If you have any volunteer recommendations in mind, please do share below. Cheers & Namasté -George-

Learn How To Make A Raw Chocolate Smoothie

I’ve been working a little bit with my friends over at Earth Shift Products. Dr. Robert Cassar, Founder of Earth Shift Products and Earthshift Project, is a brilliant naturalist, parasitologist, doctor and researcher. The video above is just one of the recipes I’ve created with the amazing food stuffs he advocates.

The smoothie is this video is super aphrodiasac powered and has lots of mentally stimulating and clearing properties.

The recipe is as follows:

Cashews (small handful)
Coconut oil (1 tbs)
Cacao powder (2 tbs)
Cacao nibs (1 tbs)
Caca powder (1 tbs)
Himalayan salt (pinch to taste)
Heirloom banana spears (small handfull)
Honey (t tsp)
Spring water (1 liter)
Tribulus (1/2 tsp)
-Blend all ingredients together to a smooth and rich consistency

All ingredients are ideally raw, organic, and heirloom. To purchase any of the foods listed in this video, or simply to learn more about high vibration foods and lifestyle, please visit Earth Shift Products and Earthshift Project,. Namasté -George-

Starting Your Own Business – The Beginning Stages: Building Momentum

“An idea can turn to dust or magic depending on the talent that rubs against it.”
-WILLIAM BERNBACH, American Advertising Pioneer

Ever had an idea you’ve talked about to so many people you start to wonder when you’re going to get so good at describing the idea that the person you’ve talked to believes it already exists? Common thoughts that feed the procrastination bug include: When am I going to stop talking and actually start doing… I think it could work, but what if… It is so common to have the list of what if’s go on and on and on…until you come to a point where you’ve got to decide-Do I…. Continue reading

Green Synergy Festival 2010

Hello Friends! I just got done putting together a little video clip of the good times had at this year’s Green Synergy Festival. I was super fortunate to volunteer with an amazing group of people at this event during a majestic August weekend.

Ariane Glazer, the event’s organizer and Chicago Raw Food community leader, put together an incredible weekend full of presentations and activities about spirituality, fitness, raw food, yoga, and fun! Be sure to check out the official website and Facebook page of Green Synergy for a full listing of the event’s presenters, photos, and updates for next year’s party. Namaste -George-

Global Work Party on 10.10.10! (Everyone’s Invited)

On Sunday October 10th 2010 (10.10.10) 350.org is hosting a Global Work Party. People will be getting together in cities all across the world to collaborate on work-party projects to develop innovate ways to positively impact climate change. Other than a fantastic way to spend a Sunday, Global Work Party will surely serve as a great way to connect with community members and help inspire new ideas towards becoming sustainable.

A 10.10.10 event that I am involved with is Portland, Oregon’s “Great Garden Giveaway” (I designed the poster above :)). Continue reading

Yoga on the Road

Good Day Friends! As of today, I’ve been traveling across the United States for just over six weeks. Keeping up with a regular yoga practice has been a humbling, yet joyous, learning experience. One of the biggest lessons I have learned (and am still working on) is that not having a studio for practice is not an excuse to skip practice.

Between Capoeria classes, pot-lucks, and trail runs, my yoga asana practice has slowed down a bit. I am enjoying a break from regular practice and allowing my body to be challenged through other physical endeavors. In the attached video, I demonstrate one of the ways I try and squeeze in some yoga whether I’m on the road or off. Have a great day! Namaste -George-

How to Make a Green Smoothie on the Road

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.” -Rosalia de Castro- (Galician romanticist writer and poet)

I am currently touring my way across the United States and having a blast! As adventures continue to cross my path, the people I’m spending my time with are making my experiences memorable. Aside from learning to navigate a vast expanse of road ways and foreign cities, I am also having a fun time experiencing life on the road while trying to eat a vegan and mostly raw diet. One of my favorite foodie experiences thus far has been making a green smoothie at a highway rest area (Limestone Rest Area in Illinois). Enjoy the video and continue to enjoy life! More adventures coming soon… Namaste! -George-

Today’s Top Five-Ways to Enjoy Raw Foods

Avocado & Mango Salad with Sesame Seed

Since embarking on my cross-country roadtrip, I have been super fortunate and joyous staying with so many wonderful hosts. Couchsurfing.org has been a fantastic tool for travel. Most recently I have been staying with a great friend and welcoming family near Chicago, IL. After having a wonderful evening with my gracious hosts and enjoying an incredibly delicious high raw potluck, I thought I’d share a few tips on ways to enjoy raw foods.

  • Five Tips for Ways to Enjoy Raw Foods

1. Have a Potluck-A great way to spend time with others is around a delicious love-filled meal. Having a raw food themed potluck with family, friends, and new acquaintances is a great way for people to open up to new ideas and swap ideas about well-being. If a raw foods potluck sounds too drastic, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, or Vegan Potlucks are other great meet-up ideas. Continue reading

Yoga Practice-A Gentle Hip Opening Sequence…

I have recently been intrigued in hip stretching postures (pun intended). The hips are a notoriously tight region on most anyone’s body. Many yogis claim that the tightness in one’s hips is a reflection of holding onto past emotions and experiences. Stretching the hips can cause a release of emotions. Tightness in the hips mirrors stagnant emotional attachment in that the both take time for one to let go of. Mindful breathing (pranayama) helps release both physical and emotional tension.

The attached video is a gentle vinyasa yoga sequence I enjoy practicing and teaching. The postures (pigeon & modified downward dog) featured in this video are intended to help open the hips in several different directions. Enjoy the practice and only go as far in the posture as the breath and your body allow. Namaste! -George-

This blog post is part of the “Yoga Practice” series. “Yoga Practice” blog posts include a yoga inspired video with some light content.

Yoga Practice-Headstand & Forearm Stand

I have recently taken a love for Yoga. One of my favorite postures is headstand (also known as Sirasana). Headstand is known by most Yogis and Yoginis as the king of all postures (asanas). The physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of a regular headstand practice are plentiful.

The brain in the control center for thought, action, and emotions. The practice of headstand allows for healthy blood flow to the brain cells as well as the pituitary and peneal glands. These two glands are important for health, growth, and vitality. Continue reading