Starting Your Own Business – The Beginning Stages: Building Momentum

“An idea can turn to dust or magic depending on the talent that rubs against it.”
-WILLIAM BERNBACH, American Advertising Pioneer

Ever had an idea you’ve talked about to so many people you start to wonder when you’re going to get so good at describing the idea that the person you’ve talked to believes it already exists? Common thoughts that feed the procrastination bug include: When am I going to stop talking and actually start doing… I think it could work, but what if… It is so common to have the list of what if’s go on and on and on…until you come to a point where you’ve got to decide-Do I….

A. Stop talking about this idea and wait for someone else to do it and then be the guy that says to my friends “Remember when I was talking to you about this amazing business idea that I had that would change the way/revolutionize/create a market for/fill this untapped niche-well guess what?-someone else did it!”


B. I’m tired of creating all these excuses not to do something. I’ll figure out how to handle the what if’s when they happen (by this point you may feel that many of the what if’s already did happen). I’m going to start this thing and correct course along the way.

I’m choosing the latter option.

I can’t specifically point to getting a taste of corporate life or the recent supermoon as the direct causes for my creative idea flows in the recent weeks, but I do feel now is just a good of a time as any to take action. Taking a note from Tim Ferriss, author,entrepreneur and developer of the term lifestyle design, the timing is never right and so it is.

While currently living in Portland and contributing to the population of “underemployed” (hey-being able to pay rent with two days work is pretty awesome) grants me plenty of time to work on side projects and spend ample time in the yoga studio. In the upcoming weeks I’m going to write about the processes I’m going through to build my business. Will my business change the world? I don’t know. Will this be a project that feeds my excitement? I think so.

The first stage of this project and any business idea is one I term “Building Momentum”. A few months ago a friend of mine taught me a few important lessons about momentum. Momentum doesn’t just happen. It happens moment by moment by moment…. In order to build momentum you’ve got to create these moments.

Besides talking about my idea to countless friends, the most recent momentum builder I’ve done is enrolling my business idea to the top social media platforms-Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. While it is a super easy process that takes literally less than 15 minutes, simply creating accounts on these virtual networks makes my idea turn into a reality that is a bit more tangible than an interesting conversation piece. These mentioned online tools will serve as essential vehicles for building community and awareness around my product. Writing about this project is yet another moment that serves to create accountably for followthrough.

Once the ball is rolling, it’s much harder to get it to stop. Create moments for yourself and enjoy the adventure. Namamsté -George-

(Side Note-I’m an avid reader and love hearing what books people are loving. I recently enjoyed The Thank You Economy by Gary Vayenerchuck and highly recommend it to anyone looking to understand the role that social media is playing in the digital marketplace. If you feel inspired, share your thoughts below :))

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