Summer Reading Challenge-10 Books in 10 Weeks (Contest with Prizes)

Some of my recent reads...

After hearing about how TD Bank North was giving $10 to anyone who read 10 books during the summer, I got very excited about pulling in some cash for an activity I enjoy already doing. Plus, working with a goal in a fixed time period is something I know helps me stay focused (think Parkinson’s law). However, after discovering that TD Bank was only offering this monetary prize to children with a “Young Saver” account, I decided to create my own 10 book challenge.

  • Here is challenge that I’m offering to anyone else who wants to join my Summer of Reading 10 Books (no bank account required). Read 10 books by the end of the summer (creative, I know). With the beginning of the Summer being marked by the solstice on June 21st and the beginning of Fall being September 1st, there are just under 10 weeks left to complete this goal. With 10 weeks left in the summer, that makes for one book per week. I will continue to list the current books that I am reading and plan to read. For anyone who wants to join in on the reading adventure, I will be offering a prize package to the person who reads the most books by September 1st. The rules are as follows:
    1. Be honest (…think about the karma of lying)
    2. Contest begins today-June 28th 2010
    3. Each book must be at least 200 pages (just as a general guide)
    4. Reader must report book title after completing each book by posting to the “comment” section on this post
    5. Contest is open to all US residents (I’ll try an make as many exceptions as need be for people outside of the states)

    The prize package will include American Apparel and Organic T-shirts and some awesome organic raw food stuff (maybe stickers too)

    Are you up for the challenge? Hit the books! Namaste -George-

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    • Adena

      I’ll kick your asssssss

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    • whereswill

      Book No1 – Lolita, off to find a cafe to begin on my Tuesday off.

    • Brady

      Love it George, Im in! Im half way through a book I started about a week and a half ago. Does that count!

    • George

      @Brady (and for anyone else too)-Any book that you started reading after June 21st counts for the challenge. Much Thanks! -George-

    • George

      Done Reading Book #1 of 10-Parasite Rex by Carl Zimmer….get@me!

    • Mary Gillis

      #1: Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez. 348 pages.

    • George Mihaly

      Just finished book #2-The Tipping Point by Gladwell (280 pages)….I had read this one about 3 years ago, but needed a refresher. Still think it’s really really good!

    • Georgemihaly

      Book #3 Done-Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson (358 pages)

    • Tree Woodson

      Book 3 and 4 Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, 418 pages, very good, about being a human around others but more about the power of the mind and you can be what ever you want to be!!! Other by Karen King, 326 pages, about not being afraid to be yourself and let all of that shine! These were great books! I am on to the next!

    • P-Bird

      Dope idea George. my brother and I are having a friendly challenge over the course of 2010 and it's pretty close, right around 10 books a piece. BTW, it's under 200 pages so it doesn't meet the requirements for this challenge, but I highly recommend Tinkers by Paul Harding. It won the Pulitzer and is truly an amazing book.

    • Georgemihaly

      I'm always motivated by challenges or contests (friendly of course). I'll put Tinkers my list of “books to read”, always looking for a good fiction novel. Much Thanks -George-

    • Georgemihaly

      Just Finished Book #4-A New Earth by Ekhart Tolle. Fun read, highly recommended for anyone into consciousness/spirituality/life wisdom…Looking through my list for my next read :)

    • George Mihaly

      Book #5 is done-The Man Who Swam the Amazon by Mohlke & Strel, Fun read just over 200 pages….#6 The 80 10 10 Diet is under way with just under 2.5 weeks left

    • Tree Woodson

      book 5 was the Host by Stephanie Meyers, fantastic, should make a great movie, think I might like it better than her vampire series, I would call it a traditional sci fi thriller of 619 pages, book 6 the Help, totally different, 464 pages, about the black maid's life in the 60's very interesting!