How To Improve Your Creative Skills

Hello all, I’ve heard it said from many super-talented creatives that a proven formula to improve your creative skills is actually quite simple. The formula?

Do more work.

It doesn’t matter if the results are amazing or fall very short of your expectations. Simply doing work, and doing more of it, allows you to see what you need to improve on and what you are proficient at. Taking this formula to heart, I created a short clip with my friend, roommate, and superb actor, Leo Patterson. The end result is the first episode of what I’ve termed “The Lifestyle Series”.

Is the work amazing? You be the judge (I’m leaning on the side of not ground-breaking, but I’ll let you decide). Was the project fun and educational? Absolutely.

Be on the lookout for future episodes. Here’s to doing more work! (& continuing to learn :)) Cheers -George-

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