Today’s Top Five-Ways to Enjoy Raw Foods

Avocado & Mango Salad with Sesame Seed

Since embarking on my cross-country roadtrip, I have been super fortunate and joyous staying with so many wonderful hosts. has been a fantastic tool for travel. Most recently I have been staying with a great friend and welcoming family near Chicago, IL. After having a wonderful evening with my gracious hosts and enjoying an incredibly delicious high raw potluck, I thought I’d share a few tips on ways to enjoy raw foods.

  • Five Tips for Ways to Enjoy Raw Foods

1. Have a Potluck-A great way to spend time with others is around a delicious love-filled meal. Having a raw food themed potluck with family, friends, and new acquaintances is a great way for people to open up to new ideas and swap ideas about well-being. If a raw foods potluck sounds too drastic, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, or Vegan Potlucks are other great meet-up ideas.
2. Don’t Mention It-Enjoy the food that is prepared and don’t obssess over mentioning “this dish is raw”, “oh, this is raw”, “this is why raw is the best…” etc…From my experiences with eating raw foods with people who do not know much about the lifestyle of raw foodies, I find it is best to answer questions when they are asked and to limit the emphasis of “raw food” and embrace the idea of “delicious food”. Delicious first, nutritious always, and oh yeah…uncooked too :)
3. Get Sneaky With Superfoods-Talking about being vegetarian or vegan already sets you apart from most people dinner tables, but saying you are on a super food diet makes you sound like you just landed from another cosmo. If someone brings up the topic of superfoods and wants to know more, share what you know. I find a great way to break the ice on the topic of superfoods is to sneak some super ingredients into a dish someone maybe familiar with (chocolate treats is my go to). If asked about the ingredients, you can explain what sort of super properties that food has that maybe other foods don’t. Share what information you know and share what food you love.
4. Organically-I find that I feel the best about the food that I eat when I have assurance that the food is pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, and gmo free. A great step towards any detox is to stop any and all sources of toxins. A clean food supply is the first and most essential step anyone can take towards a state of well-being. Raw food is great, and clean food is a huge plus.
5. Eat! Enjoy much food in the way nature has intended-ripe, plump, fresh, and delicious! Loving the food that goes into your body causes you to radiate feelings of love back into the universe. Enjoy your food and acknowledge its’ purpose in life. You are eating to live, so why not eat the food that allows to you live the way you want to! Live life a life full of energy and full of love!

[Note-High cost is a common excuse for people choosing not to eat organics or superfoods. From my experience, I find that farmer’s markets, fruit markets, and wholesale clubs are essential for the frugal and concious food buyer. I buy my superfoods from and am frequently buying my produce from farmer’s markets and large fruit markets.]

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